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15 JAN 2019

Kids may be more likely to develop depression and anxiety when their parents are regular drinkers, even when neither parent drinks enough to be considered an alcoholic, a Norwegian study suggests See article here.

15 JAN 2019

See FASD Deutschland's Youtube channel, with a new film made by adults with FASD. This film and its accompanying poster won the first poster prize at the recent EUFASD conference in Berlin.

15 JAN 2019

A German pilot study found that 18.7 children in foster care are affected by FASD. See the study here.

07 NOV 2018

A new FASD unit has just recently opened in Hospital Clinic-Maternitat (Barcelona, Spain) as a private facility with the aim to diagnose and follow up children with FASD. See the website here.

28 OCT 2018

The group “Vivre avec le SAF” and Dr. Denis Lamblin recently appeared on the French talk show “Ça commence aujourd’hui.” This show included both adoptive and birth parents, as well as several doctors and a young adult with FASD. The point was repeatedly made that pregnant women deserve information and support, not blame, and that adults with FASD are not getting the support they need. The show can be viewed here [65 minutes].

28 OCT 2018

The 5th European Conference on FASD was held from September 24 to 26, 2018 in Berlin. The Program book with abstracts can be viewed here.

17 SEP 2017

Netherlands--The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development commissioned researchers from the University of Maastricht to write a synthesis of knowledge about FASD in the Netherlands. The summary is available in Dutch here. The full report is available in English here.

17 SEP 2017

Sweden--The Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services commissioned a report entitled "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) – conditions and interventions." The summary is available in English here. The full report is available in Swedish here.

04 JUL 2016

Scotland--National Health Service, Greater Glasgow and Clyde, has published a 35-page primer on preconception health, education and care. Missed Periods: Scotland's opportunities for better pregnancies, healthier parents and thriving babies the first time . . . and every time and a shorter, 14-page version, Prepared for Pregnancy? Preconception health, education and care in Scotland.

04 JUL 2016

Scotland--The National Health Service of Scotland hosts an eLearning course on FASD, too.

16 JUN 2016

Germany--Germany is organizing an Alcohol Awareness Week "Alcohol? Less is better!" to be held 13th - 21st May 2017. International partners are invited to participate. For more information, see here.

29 FEB 2016

Netherlands--On Thursday, March 3, Nickie van der Wulp will defend her doctoral thesis Zero for Nine: Reducing alcohol use during pregnancy via health counselling and internet-based computer-tailored feedback at the University of Maastricht. Her work involved development and evaluation of an on-line program to provide counseling to pregnant women Negenmaandenniet.nl. Part of this work has been published in English here.

18 FEB 2016

Netherlands--A survey by the TNO revealed the number of women who drink in pregnancy has decreased to 8.9%. Highly educated women drink more often. An estimated 1360 babies per year are exposed to more than four glasses of alcoholic drink per drinking session. More [NL] >>

17 FEB 2016

Updated report of the British Medical Association on "Alcohol and pregnancy: Preventing and managing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders." Download pdf

18 SEP 2015

France--The Health Agency of the Indian Ocean announces a regional action plan for prevention and management of FASD for three years (2016 to 2018). The goals will be (1) prevention and raising awareness, (2) identifying women at risk, (3) providing access to diagnostic and evaluation services for children and adults with FASD, (4) organizing care for women with alcohol problems as well as children and adults with FASD, (5) creation of a central resource center, and (6) involving local institutional partners. More >>

03 SEP 2015

Brussels--The ENVI committee has adopted a project proposed by MEP Younous Omarjee to create a European network of structures to assist and aid women who are alcohol dependent, in particular during their pregancy, with a goal of redicng the number of children exposed to alcohol prenatally. Reunion Island, which already possesses the infrastructure and a volunteer network may be the site of a pilot project. Although the vote of the ENVI committee is only the first step in a long legislative process, it forms an encouraging sign of growing concern with prevention of FASD in the EU. More >>

13 JUL 2015

Majority of Brits harmed by other people's drinking, according to a new report released today. See the accompanying video.

17 JUN 2015

The amendment to the Loi Evin was passed against the advice of health professionals. If the new text is upheld by the Senate, wine producers will have more flexibility in publications about their products.

11 JUN 2015

Against the request of the Health Minister, the French MPs have voted in favor of relaxing restrictions on alcohol advertising. The final vote comes next week.

08 JUN 2015

On 18 May, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Dr. Andriukaitis, rejected the call by the European Parliament for a new European Strategy to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm in Europe, raising a storm of protest among NGOs, who resigned from the Commission's Alcohol and Health Forum. The EUFASD Alliance has sent a letter of protest to the Commissioner.


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