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FASD Hilfe Austria Online Training 10 November

Topics will cover e.g. diagnosis, adaptation of environment shown with an example of a school child, puberty, FASD and trauma, MRI prenatal study at General Hospital Vienna regarding brain changes in unborn babies when mother consumed alcohol during pregnancy, and sensory integration. For professionals, parents, adults with FASD, and all who are interested. The program will be in German and Polish.


The sixth European Conference on FASD took place on September 12 to 14, 2022, with a pre-conference training day on 11 September and a satellite conference on the EU-funded FAR SEAS project on Tuesday, September 13. The conference was held in-person in Arendal, Norway.

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Updated 23 September 2022

Supporting Ukrainian families and carers of children with FASD in Europe

The EUFASD Alliance and the member organizations are deeply concerned about the welfare of refugees from Ukraine, in particular children who may be affected by FASD. These children have sensory, cognitive and behavioral disorders which make them particularly vulnerable to stress and inappropriate or dangerous behavior. Although we do not know the number of affected children among the refugee population, we do know from our colleagues at FAS Ukraine that many children have fled with their families. Furthermore, there is serious cause for concern among child refugees from child care homes, as research suggests that at least 50% of children in Ukrainian orphanages have FASD.

The EUFASD Alliance is working closely together with FAS Ukraine and colleagues in Poland, Slovakia, and Romania to identify and support child refugees with FASD, including those without families.

Ukrainian families of children with FASD can contact FAS Ukraine. For support in various European countries, please contact any of our EUFASD member organizations. Additionally, in the UK, National FASD can provide support. Posted 24 March 2022

Primo Workshop Nazionale sulla FASD

Il 9 e 10 maggio si terrà il PRIMO WORKSHOP NAZIONALE sulla FASD "Prevenzione, diagnosi precoce e trattamento mirato dello Spettro dei Disturbi Feto Alcolici (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, FASD) e della Sindrome Feto Alcolica (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, FAS)” presso l’ Aula Bovet dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Per iscriversi, compilare ed inviare entro il 2 maggio 2022 il modulo disponibile al seguente link: ISCRIZIONE ONLINE. Saranno ammessi a partecipare in aula solo coloro che ne riceveranno comunicazione. Gli altri partecipanti regolarmente iscritti riceveranno per email il collegamento alla videoconferenza. Sarà possibile seguire l'evento anche in diretta streaming tramite il link. Posted 01 May 2022

Queen's Nursing Institute Scotland

In March 2022, the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland conducted an online survey about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). This was a Year 1 activity of Healthier Pregnancies, Better Lives (HPBL) – a QNIS programme supported by Cattanach and The National Lottery Community Fund. All community nurses and midwives anywhere in Scotland were eligible to participate in this survey. The results of this survey are reported in the following series of blogs.

Posted 01 May 2022

Phishing attack

Some of our members have received messages purportedly from the chairperson of the Alliance, Diane Black, asking for help with "logistics" and then asking for help in transferring some money. These messages are from the address asscpresident1(at), which is not ours and in fact has been associated with phishing attacks on at least one other organization. Please do not respond to these messages. We would of course never ask any of our members for help with mysterious "logistics" or help with transferring money. If you receive any suspicious messages which seem to be from the chairperson or from the Alliance, please contact the Alliance at or the chairperson at Posted 27 April 2022

Why should you not drink if you are pregnant?

Sylvia Roozen is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the EUFASD Alliance. Posted 07 February 2022

Welcome FASD Hilfe Austria

We welcome our newest member, FASD Hilfe Austria. This organization aims to provide knowledge to the public about the risk to pregnant mothers and their unborn baby from drinking alcohol; promote understanding and protection of humans affected by FASD; get more places for diagnostics and consultation; collaborate with experts from medical and therapeutic areas; collaborate with affected families and parents; and in general, share information. Posted 23 January 2022

Video--Gro Løhaugen--Families living with FASD

Gro CC Løhaugen is a specialist in clinical psychology, neuropsychologist, and Head of the Regional Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol and/or drug exposure. Posted 21 January 2022

Congratulations to our colleagues from Slovakia on two new publications

Two papers from our Slovak colleagues appeared in the Ocerint 9th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, " CONDITIONS AND BARRIERS TO SCHOOL INCLUSION FOR CHILDREN WITH FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDERS--FASD" and "FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDERS (FASD) IN THE CONTEXT OF QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE CHILD AND HIS/HER CAREGIVERS". Posted 19 January 2022

Welcome Fundacja Archipelag

We welcome our newest member, Fundacja Archipelag, from Poland. This organization aims to act in the interest of individuals with FASD and their families with the key focus on adolescents and young adults. The highest priority is to support them in daily life and personal development as well as during the education process, providing occupational and life skills training, finding and keeping employment, house, family--all to enhance their independence. All support is provided free of charge. Posted 27 December 2021

Video--Marta Astals--FASD in the classroom

Marta Astals Vizcaino. FASD Psychologist and Researcher at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. FASD Unit coordinator at Barnaclínic (Hospital Clinic de Barcelona). Posted 26 December 2021

Honorary professorship for Raja Mukherjee

Raja Mukherjee has been awarded the title of Honorary Professor by the University of Salford. This is in recognition of the high esteem in the field of FASD and his work on behalf of the University. Professor Mukherjee and the team at Salford have a very productive research collaboration that has led to several published research papers, research grants and post graduate student supervisions. Prof. Mukherjee is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the EUFASD Alliance. Posted 07 December 2021

Video--Raja Mukherjee--How brain damage and life experiences affect behaviour

Raja Mukherjee is Consultant Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician at the FASD Behavioural Clinic, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust, as well as being an Honorary Reader at the University of Salford. Posted 22 November 2021

Video--Alexandra Carlisle--Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) in FASD

Alexandra Carlisle. Chartered Clinical Psychologist, FASD Specialist Practitioner, and FASD Clinic Lead, HCPC Registered, AFBPsS. Dr Carlisle has over 20 years’ experience of working with individuals with Neurodevelopmental diversity and she has worked in the UK Specialist FASD clinic since 2013. Dr Carlisle has published work in FASD-related peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Child Neuropsychology, and she has presented talks about FASD at international FASD conferences and for organisations such as ACAMHS, ARICD, and Adoption UK. Posted 31 October 2021

Video--Jon Skranes--FASD--diagnosis or not--does it matter?

Dr. Jon Skranes is Senior Consultant in Child Neurology at the Regional Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure at Sørlandet Hospital in Arendal, Norway. Head of Department of Child Neurology and Rehabilitation at the same hospital and Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Posted 31 October 2021

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