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14 to 16 Sep 2020

Arendal, Norway

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Children and young people exposed prenatally to alcohol

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) has published a guideline providing evidence-based recommendations on measurement of alcohol consumption in pregnancy and consensus-based recommendations on identification of children at risk of FASD, criteria for diagnosis and use of FASD as a descriptor, the medical assessment, physical examination, sentinel facial features, neurodevelopmental assessment, the multidisciplinary assessment team, special considerations in the neurodevelopmental assessment, and management and follow up of children and young people affected by PAE. More information here. Posted 27 May 2019

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9 Sep 2019
Cieszyn, Poland

Accurate FAS Diagnosis. There is a proven method - A properly adapted therapy is the key to success.

The aim of the conference is to spread knowledge about properly selected diagnosis and adapted therapy for children with FAS / FASD. The conference is directed to doctors (primarily child neurologists, pediatricians, child psychiatrists), psychologists, probation officers, representatives of Family Courts, orphanages, social welfare, pedagogues, scientists, parents, foster and adoptive families of children with FAS/FASD and for all other people interested in FAS/FASD subject. The conference will be held in English and Polish (participants will have opportunity to use simultaneous translation).

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9 & 10 Sep 2019
Krakow, Poland

FASD--many aspects, many specialists, common goals

The purpose of the event is to improve the care of people with FASD. The conference will be addressed to parents and guardians of children with FASD, psychologists, pedagogues, doctors, representatives of education, science, social welfare and justice as well as students, among others psychology, pedagogy and medical direction. The program on Monday is in English, on Tuesday in Polish.

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